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Swordfish Shredders

From space-saving deskside models to small business machines, Swordfish Shredders are designed to suit your environment. Swordfish shredders have a minimum DIN Level 3 security.

Swordfish Guillotines & Trimmers

Swordfish Paper Trimmers and Guillotines are designed to cut multiple sheets with one smooth movement and are available in A4, A3, A2 & A1 sizes.

Swordfish Laminators

Present, preserve and permanently protect documents and photos. Swordfish Laminators are suitable for the home or office and are available in A4, A3 and A2 sizes.

Swordfish Pencil Sharpeners

Swordfish Pencil Sharpeners produce a perfect point every time. All models are also equipped with an auto-stop function to prevent over-sharpening.

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Welcome to our Swordfish Shredders, Laminators, Trimmers & Pencil Sharpeners Superstore

We are an official Swordfish partner and authorised reseller of Swordfish products. Since 2005, Swordfish has been providing practical solutions to everyday problems. Combining stylish design with solid engineering, Swordfish continues to develop quality products for the home and office. From effortless pencil sharpening to high security shredding, Swordfish delivers products which are affordable and simple to use.

From space-saving deskside models to small business machines, Swordfish Shredders are designed to suit your environment. Swordfish shredders have a minimum DIN Level 3 security.

Swordfish 800XXC Product Focus...

Swordfish 800XXC Micro Cut Shredder

Designed for Home/Office Use

This whisper quiet microcut Shredder only produces 53 decibels of noise. It also cuts documents into microcut particles only 2x12mm, which is security level 4. It has an infrared sensor control for automatic starting and stopping and a 17 litre bin that will hold approximately 280 sheets of shredded A4 paper.

Offering a high level of security

Cutting an A4 sheet into more than 2,500 pieces, the Swordfish 800XXC is perfect for destroying highly sensitive information in the home or office.

  • Features of the 800XXC Shredder
  • Shreds paper and single credit cards
  • Micro-sized shred ideal for commercially sensitive information
  • Shreds 8 sheets of 80gsm paper
  • Shreds Credit Cards, paperclips and staples
  • 17 litre waste bin
  • 10 minute duty cycle

Only £140.71

Simple and reliable, Swordfish products are both enjoyable and easy to use. Developed for everyday use in the home or office, many products come with a 2 year guarantee for extra peace of mind.

Designed for professionals, Swordfish Select products are built to withstand the most demanding environments. With a 2 year guarantee, each product delivers superior quality and consistent results.

Swordfish GoECOlife offers a genuinely green option for document shredding in the home and office. All products are certified Carbon Neutral and have a zero carbon footprint.

Swordfish Products from A1stores

The Swordfish range of exclusively designed, high quality products combine functionality and stylish design. All Swordfish products have been developed with the user in mind - from top security shredding, rapid cutting of sheet materials to quick and easy pencil sharpening.

Swordfish Shredders

Whether next to your desk, at home or in the office, a Swordfish shredder is both the most convenient and most secure solution to protecting you or your company's identity. With a Swordfish shredder, your confidential data such as bills, bank statements, CDs, DVDs and credit cards will be cut into small unreadable pieces.

Swordfish Guillotines & Trimmers

Swordfish guillotines & trimmers are designed to be practical, safe and robust in form, ensuring quick and accurate cutting. The range includes guillotines suitable for craft, home and office use. All Swordfish guillotines & trimmers come complete with safety guards for added peace of mind.

Swordfish Laminators

The Swordfish range of laminators is suitable for all needs - whether at home or in the office. Swordfish laminators are simple to operate as they have pre-set speeds and adjustable temperatures. With a Swordfish laminator, your pictures will look glossy and brighter, signs will last longer, and calendars, planners and maps can be written on and wiped clean again and again.

Swordfish Pencil Sharpeners

As the pencil sharpener specialists, Swordfish has designed products to meet every pencil sharpening need. From simple pocket-sized wedges to sophisticated electric pencil sharpeners, Swordfish sharpeners are stylish in design and reliable in operation to give your pencil the point you require.

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